Wow, wow, WOW!

Quiet Down There just received an incredible shout-out by the incredible literary blog, Musing, run by the incredible folks at Parnassus Books in Nashville! Jack and I are absolutely ecstatic!

You may have noticed that we always provide a link for every book we mention; you may also have noticed that these links take you a little off the beaten path to Parnassus, a mighty fine independent bookstore in one of the coolest towns in the good ‘ole U.S. of A.


Because we are all about the little guy. We are all about keeping it local. And we adore indie bookshops.

If I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent in Jackson Street Books in Athens, Georgia, I might be able to put my own kids through college. I’d wander from the English department across North Campus, under the Arch, and up the hill to Jackson Street where I’d spend time between classes, typically curled up in one of their well-loved leather chairs, hidden in the stacks and reading for class. I was thrilled to learn that since I left Athens, she’s gained a new indie store, Avid Bookshop. Now how ’bout them Dawgs?

A trip to Amelia Island is never complete without a visit to The Book Loft. Dan the Bookseller has never steered me wrong. He can see Jack and me coming a mile away, and he remembers us even though we only see him a few times a year. No big box book store can do that.

In short, you can’t beat the indies. Small-town atmosphere, unique personality, and unbeatable service. The energy in an independent bookstore is palpable. Nicole Brinkley of YAInterrobang sums this adoration up perfectly:

“There are few places that bibliophiles love more than a bookstore. . . But we’re told bookstores are failing, or that nobody visits them. We sometimes forget to mention them amidst the online sales and quick Internet purchases, or choose to pre-order books through easy online forms instead of visiting a local store and ordering through them. Let’s show our bookstores some love.”

Parnassus gets it. Mary Laura Philpott, the brilliant and hilarious editor of Musing, gets it, too; Musing‘s latest article tosses a meaty bone to the myriad book bloggers out there who also feel the love for the indies. If you’re looking for awesome book suggestions, this article will give you the down-and-dirty by the best literary bloggers who are dishing up the scoop. Quiet Down There was one of the lucky ones to get a mention. We’re floating on Cloud 9 tonight.

Thanks, Parnassus! And thank you to all the independent bookstores out there; we bibliophiles are behind you 110%!


the greatest t-shirts in the history of ever, from Malaprops in Asheville, North Carolina

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